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    Show the World You Won't Turn Your Back on Refugees

    One thing never changes - our unwavering commitment to refugees. No executive order can change that commitment. No executive order can change that we are an open, welcoming and generous people.

    Right now, you can stand up for the values we all share by making a gift to support refugees. Don’t let this country turn its back on children and families who have already lost everything.
    Please make a tax-deductible donation using the secure form
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    • $60 can provide 15 refugees with gloves to keep them warm.
    • $200 can help provide 20 families with mats to prevent them from sleeping on the cold ground.
    • $500 can provide thermal blankets for 50 refugees to stay warm.
    • $1,000 can provide an emergency shelter for 10 refugee families.
    • Any amount you can give can help ease the suffering of these families.